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El Paso product liability lawyerIt is most parents' worst nightmare: what started as their baby innocently putting something into their mouth ends in a terrifying choking incident. Most people know that babies putting toys in their mouth is a common and important form of early childhood development. However, things can become scary and even deadly when a baby begins choking on a toy. Parents are responsible for ensuring that toys carrying a well-known risk to babies, like marbles or building blocks, must be kept safe from their children. But what about toys that are supposed to be safe for babies and infants?

When a toy that is supposed to be safe for babies and infants malfunctions—perhaps breaking into small piece—or if the packaging fails to warn the parents of the possible danger, resulting in your child being injured or even killed by a toy or defective piece of a toy, you may be able to take legal action. Consider contacting an experienced attorney who has worked in cases that deal with babies or infants sustaining injuries or death by choking on a toy that was supposed to be safe for their age. 

Even Non-Fatal Choking Accidents Can Result in Severe Injuries

Understand that a baby or infant does not need to die for a choking incident to be considered highly serious. It is still possible that they may sustain serious, even life-threatening injuries due to their choking incident. For example, dangerous circumstances include the following:


El Paso personal injury lawyerSince driving a car is such an integral part of our everyday lives, we often forget that driving is a privilege under the law and not a right. As a result, we take driving for granted. Cars are excellent forms of transportation, and, for many Americans, they are a necessary form of travel. In Texas especially, we rely heavily on our cars to work and elsewhere. However, what happens when a vehicle is hindered by a defect? Well, the results can be devastating. 

When a car is affected by a defect, they often turn into 5,000-pound projectiles, resulting in catastrophic car accidents. This is because many defects often cause the vehicle operator to lose control. When this happens, people are often severely injured and sometimes even killed. If you have suffered a personal injury because of a vehicle defect, please consider contacting a skillful vehicle defects attorney knowledgeable in product liability and who can help you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to.  

Significant Vehicle Defects to Be Aware Of  

Cars have so many parts that if one fails, the driver and passengers are in grave danger. Important vehicle defects that you need to be aware of include the following:


El Paso motorcycle crash lawyerWith thousands of miles of open roads in Texas, motorcycle riders can experience a profound sense of freedom and exhilaration that only a Texas road can provide. However, if history has taught us anything, serious injuries can transpire when we least expect them. This is especially true for motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles can be enjoyable, but they can also be exceedingly dangerous. Unlike driving in a car, where you are relatively protected by what is around you through the car's construction and airbags, a motorcycle leaves you much more exposed to what is around you.  

Since you are more exposed to what is around you, motorcycle accidents can lead to devastating injuries such as spinal cord injuries. Such injuries are often permanent and can be debilitating to the point where you can no longer work or do anything on your own. Rehabilitation for a spinal cord injury can be a lifelong process. This is often a devastating reality, especially if your injury was caused by the negligence of someone else. If you have been paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who will protect your rights and help pursue the compensation you may be entitled to. 

The High Value of Spinal Cord Injuries 

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons reports that every year, 17,000 new spinal cord injuries occur in the United States. Few injuries are more severe than spinal cord injuries since they often completely inhibit a person from walking, working, and caring for themselves. As a result, the expenses of such injuries can be astronomical, with many families unable to afford the lifelong care expenses that come with taking care of someone with a spinal cord injury.


El Paso personal injury lawyerTrucks are an essential part of our economy, but they cause serious dangers when the people responsible for transporting goods are careless about ensuring that trucks are properly loaded. There are strict federal and state regulations that dictate how much cargo can be loaded in a certain amount of space and how that cargo needs to be distributed across a truck bed so that unsecured cargo accidents can be minimized. Unfortunately, these regulations are sometimes disregarded, causing truck accidents that have serious and fatal consequences. 

Why Is Overloading a Truck Dangerous? 

When a vehicle as strong and large as a truck is capable of carrying tons of cargo, a few extra pounds may not seem like a big deal. But an overloaded truck carries serious safety problems, including: 

  • Greater risk of tipping and rollover accidents 
  • Reduced ability to steer accurately 
  • Going too fast down hills and being unable to control speed 
  • Being unable to stop or slow down in time 
  • Not being able to respond appropriately to inclement weather conditions 

Any one of these factors makes the likelihood of a truck accident much higher, especially when other vehicles are around. Even the best truck drivers are at risk of getting into accidents because they simply cannot control their vehicle as predictably. 


El Paso personal injury lawyerAs anyone who has been hurt in a serious car accident can tell you, the impact of a car crash can be long-reaching and unpredictable. In addition to the medical treatment that the driver and passengers often need, people injured in car accidents often miss work, have long-term changes in their physical or cognitive abilities, and suffer from psychological trauma that requires professional intervention. 

Finding out that an insurance company has given you a lowball offer for your settlement can quite literally add insult to injury. The last thing you want to do as you recover from a car accident is to have to fight for fair compensation for your injuries, yet because of the enormous expense and long-term implications of your injuries, taking the time to get a fair offer is crucial. If you have been in a car accident and have received what seems like a low or unfair offer from the responsible driver’s insurance company, you do not have to manage the situation by yourself. Get help from a Texas personal injury attorney who is familiar with insurance companies and their tactics. 

Will an Insurance Company Always Give a Low Offer? 

While the person the insurance company hired and trained to talk to you on the phone about your accident may have sounded polite and even sympathetic, do not fall for it. They are specially trained to offer sincere-sounding apologies and sympathetic commiseration, but they do not know you or care about you. Instead, the job of an insurance company’s agent is only to work for the insurance company and help them be financially successful. 

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