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When a car or truck strikes a person who is on foot, it is likely to cause serious injuries. Even the smallest cars can weigh several thousand pounds, and the human body will suffer a great deal of damage in a collision, no matter how fast or slow a vehicle is traveling. If you or a loved one have been injured as a pedestrian, an experienced attorney can help you recover compensation from the negligent driver.

Attorney James Kennedy provides dedicated representation to victims of personal injuries, including pedestrians who have been struck by cars or trucks. Due to his belief in the pursuit of justice for those who have been injured by others' negligence, he will work to ensure that his clients are awarded the compensation they deserve.

Attorney James Kennedy is Board Certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and he has more than 25 years of experience. He has taken cases to trial throughout every year of his legal career, and he is prepared to pursue the financial compensation you deserve through litigation in court.

Pedestrian Injuries Caused By Driver Negligence

The impact between a vehicle and a person is likely to cause severe injuries on its own, but a person may also be injured by the fall to the pavement, or they may be thrown into traffic and struck or run over by another vehicle. Some of the injuries a pedestrian may experience in a collision include:

In many cases, pedestrian accidents are caused by driver negligence. Some common forms of negligence in these cases include:

  • Distracted driving - Drivers may take their eyes off the road for a variety of reasons, and cell phone use while driving has been a major concern in recent years. Any lapse in attention can cause a driver to not see a pedestrian near their vehicle, and this can result in a dangerous collision.
  • Violations of traffic laws - Drivers not only risk traffic tickets and other consequences when they violate the law, but they also put pedestrians in danger. For example, a driver who is speeding may be unable to slow down in time to avoid hitting a person on foot. A person who follows too closely behind another car may cause a rear-end collision, and this may push the other vehicle into a crosswalk and cause it to strike a pedestrian. Drivers may also injure pedestrians if they fail to give them right of way in crosswalks.
  • Drunk driving - The use of alcohol or drugs while driving can impair a driver's vision, coordination, judgment, and reaction time, causing them to be unable to avoid a collision with a person on foot.

Contact an Ector County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you or a member of your family have been injured after being hit by a negligent driver, the damages you have experienced are likely to be extensive. In addition to costly medical treatment and physical and emotional pain and suffering, you may experience a significant loss of income due to the inability to work while recovering. Attorney James Kennedy can help you recover financial compensation for these damages and will fight to ensure that the driver who injured you is held responsible for the harm they have caused and you receive the compensation you deserve.

To arrange a free consultation, contact my office today by calling 915-544-5200. I represent injured pedestrians in western Texas, southeast New Mexico, and Arizona, including El Paso, Midland, Odessa, Carlsbad, Las Cruces, and the Permian Basin. Se Habla Español.

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