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Vehicle Defects That Can Cause Crashes - And Who Might Be Liable

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TX injury lawyerMost of the time, it is merely an annoyance when some component of a vehicle stops functioning. A tire starts to go flat, so you pull over unharmed. The battery dies and you need a jump to get it started. Other times, however, a mechanical problem on a car can be dangerous. When a vehicular malfunction leads to a car accident, untangling liability might be complicated. Proving that the accident was in fact caused by a mechanical failure is just the first step. There are a number of other considerations and a number of different parties who could be liable. You will want to work with an attorney who is experienced in handling these complex cases.

Which Vehicle Defects Are Likely to Cause Accidents?

When a breakdown happens while someone is driving, there is a distinct possibility that a car crash will happen. Some types of vehicular malfunctions that are likely to cause accidents include:

  • Tire blowouts - Tires should be well-designed and well-constructed so that they can handle a puncture without bursting suddenly. When a tire explodes rather than gradually deflates, it can cause the car to swerve out of control and hit other vehicles.
  • Steering failure - A driver who cannot steer can do little to avoid an accident, save for slamming the brakes and hoping for the best.
  • Brake failure - Suddenly finding yourself unable to stop can be terrifying for the driver as well as for everyone else on the road. Rear-end collisions are common, including chain-reaction rear-end collisions due to the force of impact. This situation can be especially dangerous when the driver with defective brakes is sent hurtling into an intersection.
  • Lights out - When driving at night, headlights and taillights, including brake lights, are more important than many people realize. If you cannot see a vehicle because its lights are out, it is very easy to collide with it.

Who Can Be Liable in These Accidents?

Liability in accidents caused by mechanical issues on a car typically depends on who ultimately caused the failure. If the manufacturer of the component made a mistake in designing or manufacturing the part, and that mistake directly caused the crash, the manufacturer may be liable under a products liability theory. If a mechanic or body shop made a mistake while repairing, replacing, or handling that part, they could be liable. The driver may be liable if they caused the failure, like by forgetting to check their lights or overinflating their tire, then the driver may well be liable.

Liability can also be split between multiple parties. One common way this happens is when a manufacturer or mechanic makes a mistake, and the driver notices that something is wrong with their car but fails to act on it.

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