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Protecting Your Rights in a Wrongful Death Case

 Posted on February 13, 2024 in Wrongful Death

TX injury lawyerInsurance can help people cover costs in many situations. Whether property has been damaged by people or natural catastrophes, or a car was totaled in a car accident, or someone has suddenly needed to pay exorbitant medical costs, insurance can help people afford to handle so many different kinds of situations. However, insurance companies are not charity organizations. They are profit-based businesses, and therefore, they naturally try to give as little payouts as possible when customers make claims. They often try to discourage people from hiring legal representation in wrongful death or personal injury cases because lawyers will likely result in them needing to make larger payouts. If you are involved in a wrongful death case, an experienced El Paso, TX wrongful death attorney can review your case and advise you, advocating to ensure that the insurance company does not take advantage of your emotional state and your legal inexperience.

Insurance Companies and Lawyers

It is safe to assume that the average person does not have a good grasp on their legal rights. If a big insurance company that has been operating for years tells them that they can only do so much, many people would believe it. But lawyers who have studied the law understand that there is often more the insurance companies can do. Insurance companies have an interest in giving the lowest possible payouts for claims, but lawyers will advocate for the highest possible compensation. When someone brings an attorney for their wrongful death claim, the insurance company generally ends up paying more damages than they otherwise would if they were dealing with the claimant on their own

Insurance companies also try to hurry claimants into a rushed settlement, agreeing to something before they have had the time to fully understand what they have agreed to, making you question whether you should even hire a personal injury attorney. However, wrongful death lawyers are generally much better prepared to navigate the legal process and better equipped with relevant knowledge to know what type of settlement to accept and what to reject. They know how to look for evidence to support their clients’ claims and to control the narrative so that the story of what happened expresses their client’s perspective.

Insurance companies can try to make claimants think that they can save money by not hiring an expensive attorney who will charge fees. However, it can often cost way more not to have legal representation because you can end up with a settlement that allows for a significantly lower amount of compensation

Schedule a Free Consultation with an El Paso County, TX Wrongful Death Attorney

It can be intimidating to settle a claim on your own with an insurance company. They can also be quite convincing that it would not be in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you. However, a reliable and compassionate El Paso, TX wrongful death lawyer can make a huge difference in the settlement you can get. Call 915-544-5200 to schedule a free consultation at James Kennedy, P.L.L.C..

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