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How an Attorney Can Investigate Your Truck Accident

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TX accident lawyerCrashes involving an 18-wheeler can be wildly destructive. These enormous vehicles can do a lot of damage very quickly. All it takes is one wrong move on the truck driver’s part or one mechanical error on the truck company’s part, and a serious accident can occur. The scene left behind after a truck crash can be very messy. It may be difficult for the police who respond to the scene to figure out exactly what went wrong. Often, a more detailed investigation is needed before you can pursue compensation. Truck drivers and the companies they work for may refuse to cooperate or even lie in an effort to cover up their negligence. Fortunately, attorneys have ways of finding the evidence they need. It is best to contact a lawyer right away after the accident before any kind of coverup can occur.

Strategies Lawyers Use to Gather Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

Trucking companies love dealing with an unrepresented party after one of its drivers causes a crash. The evidence needed to prove a claim can be difficult for a layperson to find and interpret. It is crucial that you work with a skilled attorney after a truck crash. Strategies your lawyer may use to investigate include:

  • Drug and alcohol testing - Truck companies are required by federal law to drug and alcohol test their drivers shortly after a wreck. An attorney will be able to access the results of this test, which may help show that the trucker was intoxicated when he crashed.
  • Maintenance records - Not much has to go wrong mechanically for a truck to wind up in an accident. A lawyer can look into maintenance records, which may help determine whether negligent maintenance contributed to the crash. An examination of the truck itself may also reveal mechanical issues that should have been addressed.
  • Hours of service - Federal regulations dictate how long a driver can keep going without a break, and how long these breaks must be. If your attorney finds a violation, it can be argued that the driver was fatigued and should not have been on the road.
  • Crash site evidence - Some of the most important evidence lies in the scene of the accident. The scene tells a story, and a skilled attorney will be able to interpret the evidence.

Without a skilled investigation taking place, it may be difficult to prove the cause of the accident. It is important to have an attorney investigate promptly.

Contact an El Paso Truck Accident Attorney

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