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Does Workers’ Compensation Apply to the Oil and Gas Industry?

 Posted on April 25, 2024 in Workers' Compensation

TX injury lawyerThe oil and gas industry is essential for everyday life in America. Without oil and gas workers doing their jobs, so many things regular citizens need every day, from their cars to their kitchens, would not be able to function. However, this industry is also associated with a higher risk of workplace injury or exposure to dangerous conditions. If you work in the oil and gas industry and you got injured on the job, speak with a skilled El Paso, TX workers’ compensation attorney who can help you understand your rights and seek maximum compensation for your injuries and other financial losses.

What to Know about Oil and Gas Industry Workplace Injuries

Laws about workers’ compensation were put in place to protect workers. If you are injured while doing your job, these laws are intended to help you get compensation for any associated medical expenses and other financial losses. No matter what the circumstances of your injury were, the three most important things to do when you get injured at work are:

  • Seek medical attention
  • Report your injury to your employer
  • Consult with a trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyer

Since the oil and gas industry works with large equipment and employees often work on rigs or refineries, it is possible that a third party - for example, a subcontractor, the owner of the refinery, or the manufacturer of the equipment you were using - was responsible for the accident. If that is the case, your lawyer might advise you to submit a third-party liability claim, which could enable you to receive further compensation in addition to what your workers’ compensation would provide.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Beyond the general responsibility to compensate you for your expenses following a workplace accident, employers are also legally responsible for ensuring that their employees have a safe work environment. That means providing them sufficient training for contending with dangerous situations and handling dangerous materials, keeping all surfaces clean and free of obstacles, and making sure that all equipment is installed safely and securely. If you want to pursue a personal injury case, a lawyer can advise you on how best to collect and preserve evidence of your claims.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you were injured while performing your job in the oil and gas industry, speak with a knowledgeable El Paso County, TX workers’ compensation lawyer to understand how best to seek compensation for your medical bills and other injury-associated expenses. Call James Kennedy, P.L.L.C. at 915-544-5200 to schedule a free consultation.

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