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New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney for Car Crashes, Truck Wrecks, and Other Injury Cases in New Mexico

When the actions of another individual or organization causes someone to be injured or killed, that party should be held responsible for their actions. At the office of Attorney James Kennedy, we help people who have been injured by the reckless, careless, or irresponsible actions of another party seek justice in the form of monetary damages. We also help the surviving loved ones of those killed by negligence get justice for their deceased family member. Our tenacious team is committed to standing up for the rights of injured clients in New Mexico.

Experienced Personal Injury Counsel

New Mexico personal injury attorney James Kennedy and the rest of his team have secured millions of dollars in damages for people injured in accidents. Our team is qualified to represent those who were injured in:

Understanding the Basics of a New Mexico Personal Injury Case

When an individual, business, or other party acts negligently and that negligence causes someone to be injured or killed, that party may be liable for damages. The term "damages" refers to the monetary compensation awarded to the injured person or to the family of the deceased person.

According to New Mexico law, there are four basic components in a successful personal injury lawsuit:

  • Duty – The defendant had a legal duty to act with a reasonable degree of cautiousness and care. For example, a driver has a legal duty to pay attention to the road and drive in a reasonably safe manner. A business owner has a duty to ensure that the premises does not contain unreasonably dangerous conditions. A trucking company has a duty to ensure that its trucks are well-maintained and functioning properly.
  • Violation of duty – The defendant violated the duty by acting in a way that is negligent or unlawful. For example, a driver may breach his or her duty of care by driving while intoxicated or violating the speed limit.
  • Injuries – The next element in a New Mexico personal injury case is the plaintiff's injuries. The plaintiff and his or her attorney will need to show that the plaintiff's injuries were caused by the defendant's breach of duty. Attorney James Kennedy may utilize medical records as well as statements from medical experts to demonstrate how the plaintiff's actions caused harm to you or your loved one.
  • Damages – Damages in a personal injury case are often medical expenses like hospital bills and physical therapy costs, lost wages from missed work, property damage, and out-of-pocket expenses resulting from the injuries.

Getting the compensation you need and deserve after an injury-causing accident is often quite challenging. Most personal injury cases are brought against an insurance company. The insurance company's job is to minimize the amount of money that is paid to injured claimants. Many insurers try to lure injured people into a quick settlement that minimizes the damages the company pays out. Therefore, it is important to have a personal injury attorney on your side who can fight to get you a settlement or award that adequately covers your injury-related expenses.

At our firm, we know how to build a robust claim and fight on our clients' behalf. Attorney James Kennedy has more than 25 years of legal experience including considerable litigation and trial experience. Our team has the tenacity and legal prowess you need to when facing the insurance company after an injury-causing or fatal accident.

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